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Jean Carles was not a wealthy man, according to Emilie the only wealth he had was a smile which had all the promises, a head which had all the dreams and a heart which had the most goodness she had ever seen. Emilie's family seems to be singled out by the gods, as death claims nearly all of her brothers and sisters save one -- and the one sister is committed to an institution.

Emilie, when you're in the classroom, you've got to remember, the civics lessons and all the baloney are put in to lull the conscience. Part of his self-discovery was made by good choices, while suffering the consequences of others. How harsh and sad it could be, and I believe the pictures in the book reflect that.

Her autobiography portrays many interesting historical documentation about France at those times: Siddhartha was unable to communicate with the boy, and would do anything to make his son content.

Misfortunes continues to follow her, as she loses one of her children under the wheels of a troop transport vehicle as France readies itself for the Second World War.

She witnesses the young men of her valley march off to war -- but sees precious few of them return. Emilie lived with her father, Joseph and four siblings of which three were older one sister and two brothers and a younger sister.

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Most of the guests who used to come to their house were anti war people like they were. If I want to mention the source of crime. How can you expect them to think when society doesn't give them the means and even does everything possible to keep them from thinking.

Her intelligent is recognized by the prefecture, and her teachers persuade her father to accept a scholarship so that Emilie can continue her education into what we would call "high school". The bull that he had to buy is far more important than the situation of his daughter.

Leaders and Followers

Straightforward, in the sense that no time was given to dwelling in sentimentalities. She will become a schoolteacher later on with the help of her uncle, although life with her uncle had been full of tribulations as her aunt somehow maltreated her by always finding little faults in her.

She was much influenced by her husband, and together they tried to l 3. They are far from sharing the true interest and deep wishes of the people who work and produce.

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Learn to live by knowing how to live and let live. She witnesses the young men of her valley march off to war -- but sees precious few of them return. After the war, she continues to take her job as teacher seriously.

The second experience that puts Siddhartha on a path to himself is his attempted suicide. So disconnected are they from the national identity that life doesn't seem to change under the rule of Vichy: The father because very stressed out being stuck with all these children around the house and not having any idea how to cope with the new responsibilities.

War comes to France again, but her village is scarcely bothered. When it's all over, the profits will be in the hands of the capitalists and the guys rolling in money from selling their weapons, the career soldiers will have the stripes and promotions they've won, but not us, we won't have anything to show fir it, we won't have won anything.

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We suggest the importance of writing, image, video among other things. After a period of remorse Siddhartha came to the realization that the pain he felt was caused by the love for his son. Feb 02,  · In Emilie Carles’ book A Life of Her Own many themes are brought up that give a clear view of what society was like during the twentieth century in France.

She makes it possible for the reader to notice the changes that she had to go through when she moves from the country side in France to the much larger, more sophisticated city. Emilie was born in in a poor home in one of the poorest regions in France. It was very rare for her and her time that she became literate and was successful that she went on to become a teacher.

For decades she used to write her own stories in her notebooks and when the right time came she turned her contents into an autobiography.


The perfect example of Traditional authority is the book, “A life of her own” by Emilie Carles. In this book Emilie tells her readers about her life in her family and outside of her family: basically we can say that it is an autobiography of a woman who lived in France in s.4/4(1).

Emilie’s father had Traditional authority, because it was the way of the society, it came from past, their ancestors lived under those rules so must they, and it was considered Traditional as nobody could challenge it—that was the way of the life and it was unwritten rule of the society.

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Siddhartha by Herman HesseSiddhartha, by Herman Hesse is the story of a young Brahmin who ventures off in the world to find the meaning of life. His journey begins as a young Brahmin who excelled in life but felt he was missing something and ends as a wise man that has found peace within him.

Throughout the book, Hesse allows the reader to connect with Siddhartha and watch as he.

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